How to Install a Hardwood Worktop

If you are not going to install your worktops straight away, we recommend leaving them in their packaging as this will help to protect them from damage and moisture ingress. The worktops should be stored in the house and not in an unheated room, garage or outdoors. Store them in a way that air can circulate around all sides. Don’t leave them flat on the floor or piled up on top of each other.

Before installing your worktop it needs to be oiled at least twice on all edges. This will equalise the moisture content of the wood. Only oiling one side will cause it to bow. Make sure any fresh plaster work is thoroughly dry and if the room has an Aga, that it is turned on. This will help to normalise the humidity level of the room.

You are now ready to install the worktops! Place them on the base units in their final position and tighten any corner joint bolts. Don’t use glue in the corner joints, if you wish to seal it, use a clear silicone. How you fix the tops will depend on what type of base unit you have.

If your units have a solid top, drill a pilot hole through the unit and into the worktop using a 2.5 mm drill bit. Now use an 8mm drill bit to make the hole in the base unit larger. Don’t use this drill bit to go into the worktop. Use a 4x40mm screw and a washer that retains the head of the screw and screw through the base unit into the worktop.

If your units have an open top, use L-shaped brackets that have slotted holes. Screw the one end to the inside edge of the base unit and the other to the worktop. Before screwing into the worktop, drill a 2.5mm pilot hole. Use a 4x40mm screw for the worktop and a smaller screw for the units.

Using a washer and oversize hole or slotted bracket will allow the wood to move slightly whilst still being held down. Failing to do this can cause tension to build up in the wood which can lead to it splitting.

For both type of units, the worktops should be fixed at the front, middle and rear of the unit at 600mm intervals.

Now that the worktops have been screwed down, check the top over for any marks made whilst fitting. The can easily be removed with 240grit sandpaper, rubbing in the same direction as the grain. Fit any accessories such as upstands before applying another coat of oil to the seen edges.

Your perfectly installed worktop is ready for a lifetime of use.