How You can Give New Life to Your Worktop

Is your worktop looking a little tired, or perhaps you’ve accidentally dented it or just want to bring it back to that just installed look? Our quick guide below shows how to deal with some of the most common complaints.

Dull Or tired looking surface:

A gentle sand using 240 grit paper. Work with the grain using a light motion as though wiping over the surface. Remove any dust with a clean cloth and apply a light coat of oil.

Small scratches and marks:

Sand out. Use a 240 grit paper working with the grain. Once the mark has been removed, re-oil the affected area.


Put a drop of water in the dent. Place a clean damp cloth over the dent. Rub over the damp cloth with an iron set to maximum. Please be careful as this can generate a lot of steam which can easily burn. Only do this for 5 seconds at a time. At the end of each 5 seconds, remove the iron and cloth and check the area. Your should see the dent slowly getting smaller. Apply another small drop of water, make sure the cloth is damp and repeat until the dent has been removed. Leave the area to dry. The wood will appear rough and discoloured. Don’t worry, this can be removed with some 240 grit sandpaper. After sanding re-oil. How does this work? Well, wood is made up of cells that contain moisture. When you drop an object onto it, this ruptures some of these cells causing them to loose moisture and shrink. The steam re-hydrates these cells causing them to expand and fill the dent.


It is usually best to try and gently sand out these marks. However, if it is Oak or Walnut and you have a black stain, read on! This stain is caused by natural tannin within the wood. When an object with cast iron is placed onto a wet Walnut or Oak worktop, it reacts with the tannin causing a black stain. This can often be removed with the use of Oxalic Acid. We suggest you seek the advise of a carpenter or joiner who can inspect the damage and carry out the necessary repair.


The can be filled. We recommend Brummer wood filler which is available in various colours to blend in with the timber.