Where in the World? How we source our wood for worktops.

Among the questions we are frequently asked the most common are those regarding where our raw materials come from and where our finished products are used. What better way to start our new Blog off than by answering a few of these!

Are you a manufacturer of finished goods or an importer?

We manufacture all our products ourselves at our workshops in rural Herefordshire.

How long have you been trading?

We were founded in 1972.

Where does you timber come from?

Most of our timber is sourced from North America and Canada.

  • Oak is from New York State, Pennsylvania and Vermont.
  • Walnut is from New York State and Ohio.
  • Cherry is from Pennsylvania.
  • Ash is from Vermont.
  • Maple is from Maine, Pennsylvania and Quebec.

How do you make a hardwood worktop and how long does it take?

We take the raw planks of wood, cut them to width, if necessary, then plane all four sides. The wood is then rough cut to length until the planks resemble the finished worktop. Each plank is then planed again to ensure the perfect edge before being glued and cramped. After the glue has cured the tops are passed through a two stage calibrating sander until we’ve reached the required thickness. The worktops are then machined with saws, routers, jigsaws and trimmers to achieve the desired size, cut-outs, grooves, edge detail etc. The worktops are then pad sanded to remove any marks before being orbital sanded and packed ready for dispatch. Time taken? Until it’s perfect! As each top is bespoke, it depends on size and complexity.

Where do you sell your products?

We mainly sell to UK customers. You will find Bordercraft products installed in most of the Mainland UK as well as Shetland, Orkney, Isles of Lewis, Arran and Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Northern and Southern Ireland. Internationally, our products have been sent to Japan, USA, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany and South Africa.