The First Steps of Kitchen Design.

It’s an exciting time, but getting it right is an art.

Designing a kitchen is an exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Whether you are renovating an existing kitchen or starting from scratch, there are certain steps you can follow to get the best results. In this article, we will provide you with tips for kitchen design which will help you design a functional and beautiful space that meets all your needs.

Planning a new kitchen is an exciting time. You get to ensure everything is ‘just so’ and exactly the way you want it. The worktop you choose is a big part of that, so doing some research beforehand is a great idea. Our ultimate guide to planning a hardwood worktop is the perfect place to start.

We’ll look at your overall kitchen design and how worktops fit into that. You’ll see our thoughts on everything from the choice of wood to the placement in the kitchen. In our 50 years in the hardwood worktop industry, we’ve learned how to balance aesthetics and practicality.

Oak Peninsular Bar
Oak Peninsular Bar

Tips For First Steps of Kitchen Design

Determine Your Budget

The overarching factor of your design will be the budget. Before you start making design decisions, it’s important to establish your budget. Be sure to factor in all costs, including appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, and any other features you plan to include.

Assess the Space

Next, we recommend that you assess the space available. Is it a small or large kitchen? Are there any awkward corners or angles that need to be considered? Once you have determined the size and shape of the space, you can start thinking about the layout of the kitchen.
When it comes to placing things in the kitchen, there are a few practical tips for kitchen design that can help. For example, the refrigerator should be placed near the entrance to the kitchen for easy access. You can also design the sink to be located near the dishwasher for easy cleanup.
If you’re working with an architect on a new build, we advise that you communicate your vision for the kitchen and work together to create a design that maximises the available space. An experienced architect can help you make the most of your kitchen layout and suggest innovative solutions to any space constraints.

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Assess Your Needs

Consider how you use your kitchen and what features are most important to you. Do you need a large island for prep work? Do you require plenty of storage for pots, pans, and small appliances? Is energy efficiency a priority? Think about what would make your kitchen more functional and convenient, and make a list of your must-haves. 

Determine How the Kitchen Will Be Used 

Of course, a kitchen is both a practical space and a living space, so you’ll need to determine how the kitchen will be used. Will you just cook, or will you dine with your family and entertain your guests as well, all in the same space? How many people will be cooking in the kitchen? Taking these needs into account will help you decide on the type of appliances that are needed and the storage and placement requirements.

Oak Breakfast Bar
Oak Breakfast Bar

Plan Your Layout

The layout of your kitchen can have a big impact on how well it functions. There are several common l ayouts to consider, including the U-shaped, L-shaped, galley, and open-concept designs. Think about how you move around the space and what kind of flow you want to create. 

Choose Your Materials

The materials you choose for your kitchen will have a big impact on its overall look and feel. Consider the style of your home and choose materials that complement it. For example, if you have a modern home, you may want to choose sleek, glossy cabinets and stainless steel appliances. If you have a more traditional home, wood cabinets and granite countertops may be more appropriate.

If you decide wood is the right material for your worktop, you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to the look you aim for. Wooden kitchen worktops are a popular choice for homeowners because they add warmth and character to the kitchen. Additionally, they are also durable and can be sanded and resealed if they become scratched or damaged. 


Good lighting is essential in a kitchen, both for aesthetics and functionality. You’ll want to include a mix of task lighting (such as under-cabinet lighting) and ambient lighting (such as overhead fixtures). First, take into consideration the natural light in your kitchen, and then you can plan how you can maximise it by adding any artificial lighting you will need.

In summary

The first steps of kitchen design are all about laying the groundwork for a successful project. By following these practical tips, you’ll be well on the road to designing your perfect kitchen and creating a functional and beautiful one that meets all the needs of you and your family. Additionally, you can also get in touch with a kitchen designer, who can help you create a layout that maximises your space and meets your needs. If you’d like to know what you’re after we’d be happy to offer you some ideas.

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