Our Products

We manufacture a range of beautiful hardwood products to enhance and compliment your kitchen, including wooden worktops, tables, chopping boards, shelving and overmantels.

All the items you see on our website are made by our team of highly experienced craftsmen from the raw planks at our workshop in rural Herefordshire.

We do not import blanks or try to pretend that we own operations overseas to make our products. We simply import the raw planks and make the items ourselves. That way we control the quality of our products from the very start. It also enables us to be completely flexible in the shape and size of the product we manufacture.

Island worktop


A butchers block

Chopping Boards

Iroko Office Worktop

Home Office




Why choose Bordercraft?

It’s one of a kind.

Every order that leaves our workshop is unique. From the individual selection of timber to the final finishing, our team of craftsmen’s attention to detail ensures every worktop is perfect. It’s why you won’t find words like “deluxe” or “premium” affixed to our products; each one is the very best it can be, or it won’t leave the factory.

Our history.

Bordercraft recently celebrated our 50th anniversary. That’s 50 years of pride in our work. It’s half a century of caring about each and every customer and exceeding their expectations. Most of our staff have been with us for over 25 years. Our emphasis on high standards is in the Bordercraft DNA and it shows in the worktop we make for you.

The service you’ll receive.

We are a small UK-based producer with a focused team of dedicated staff who love what they do. No call centres, no automated systems. If you call us, we just pick up the phone. Tell us what you need and we work tirelessly to make sure you get it. We’re straightforward and transparent and the quality of our worktops is echoed in the service you’ll receive.

Enjoyment for life.

We take care in selecting the sources for the wood we use. We think long and hard about the machines and methods we use to make the product. We’re precise in all that we do. Yes we love working with wood and turning out elegant and exceptional worktops, but we also understand the practicalities of a product that may well see many generations of family life.