Why Wood?

Because wood is beautiful. Wood gives kitchens character, warmth and style. Combined with other materials such as stainless steel appliances, they give the modern look while reducing the clinical feel of man made materials.

Because wood is Practical. A properly finish worktop will withstand day-to-day wear. In the event of accidental damage, it is almost always repairable in-situ. It’s natural acidity make it more resistant to bacterial growth than inert surfaces.

Because wood is durable. When delivered, the wood in your worktops will already be over 100 years old. With proper care and maintenance they will easily last another 100 years. With age the patina improves, unlike man-made materials.

Cherry Worktop
Cherry Worktop

Our Timbers

We only use the finest furniture grade timbers classified as FAS. With the exception of Iroko, we only use American timbers. Whilst the cost is far higher than their European counterparts, the quality is far higher.

Please click on the links on the right to see some examples of worktops using that timber.

Iroko Sample and Leaf
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Maple Sample and Leaf
Hard Maple >
Oak Sample and Leaf
White Oak >
Walnut Sample and Leaf
Black Walnut >
Cherry Sample and Leaf
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Ash Sample and Leaf
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