A home office that’s designed to work around you

A stunning custom home office that works the same way you do.

Just the right height, everything in the right place. The perfect amount of space. A Bordercraft home office is in tune with the way you work.

L Shaped home office desk
Home office in a flat
Home office in a flat
An atic based home office
An attic based home office
An L shaped office desk
An L shaped office desk
A home office desk in Iroko
A home office desk in Iroko

Why a Bordercraft home office is right for you.

It’s one of a kind.

A home office needs to make the most of the space available while delivering a comfortable and efficient working experience. From the shape of the desk to the placement of cupboards and drawers, in a Bordercraft home office everything can be customised to your requirements. If you explain what you’re looking for, we can produce a home office that fits the bill.

Our history.

We’ve been building elegant home offices with bespoke and original designs for over 25 years. We’ve helped people use the smallest spaces in their home to the best effect. We’ve also helped people build their dream home office covering an entire room. Whether you need to prioritise desk space, intelligent storage, or have specific needs related to the work you do, we can help.

The service you’ll receive.

We’re a small UK business and we’re proud of every product that leaves our factory. We’re also proud of the reputation for efficient and flexible service we’ve become known for. Whether it’s help planning the design, advice on fitting, or questions five years after installation, we’ll be here ready to help with whatever you need. Plenty of companies promise this. We actually mean it.

Enjoyment for life.

Everything about our products start from a question of quality. We only buy wood from sources who value the trees as much as we value the wood. When we select wood to produce your home office we take the time and care necessary to ensure an elegant final result. Our workshop team think hard about the machines and techniques we use for your order. In short, we never let anything leave the factory that isn’t the very best we can make it.

How the order process works.

1 – Talk

Talk to us about your home office design and the things that are important to you. We can offer ideas and suggestions to help you get the perfect home office design.

2 – Confirm

We’ll let you have all the details and the delivery date of the order. We can send a confirmation drawing of your office if necessary.

3 – Deliver

We’ll make all the elements of your home office, then confirm delivery before dispatch. If you have any questions or queries help is only a phone call or email away, for as long as you need.